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Singapore has for quite a while been famous as a destination for the absolutely awesome Casinos. One of the most famous of which is known as Marina Bay Sands Casino, which is housed in one of the world’s most iconic structures, possess one of the world's largest Swarovski crystal chandeliers casino home. And also, Resort World Sentosa Casino, which is owned and operated by Asia's largest gaming operator known as Genting. In any case, we are aware of the numerous boundaries made to make these places exclusive. Regardless of whether it is the location, cost or getting qualified for the entry, these places can be troublesome or just expensive.

Therefore, online casino in Singapore have been developed on the internet. Equipped with advanced mobile gaming platform, allowing more people can have a genuine “casino game experience” in their preferred comfort surroundings.

Ultimate Online Betting Experience at Vivabet2u

With this blast of casino online gambling, it has additionally turned out to be hard to make a decision of which platform to pick. Here at Vivabet2u we make every of your choices easy. With more than 10 years expertise in online gambling industry, we are certified as a Trusted Online Casino Singapore. Our goal is to allow everyone be able to play online casino game any place, anytime and whatever point they want. With a wide variety of games available, our customer can choose any games which suits their need. We have partnered with high reputation and well known casino online gaming provider industry. All our games including sports betting are available on native iOS/Android apps, certified for their magnificence and reliability while giving a vivid and very realistic live casino game. With Playtech, 918Kiss, WinningFT, CMD368, Dream Gaming, Evolution Gaming, GamingSoft, every our providers have first class reputation that has made us to become the Top Online Casino Singapore.

Nowadays it is never again enough to simply be online betting. Games must be creative, offering a great realistic games across multiple devices.

2020 Award: The Top Online Casino Operator in Singapore

At Vivabet2u, it is our mission to guarantee our customers have the most ideal entertainment. At the end of the day, this is just an entertainment and we want to make sure every our customers to enjoy and above all, having tons of fun here! We have special offer on Welcome Bonus or Deposit Bonus, and we are continuously finding the finest approaches to give customer the full value while also maximize their gaming experience. We also know that the customer is spending hard earned cash and wanted a good return for their money. As a leading Online Casino operator in Singapore, we are always guaranteed that our payment systems are completely secure, payouts are constantly well functioning, and the platforms are 100% highly reliable.

We strongly encourage to our customer that gambling requires responsibility. We have cling to all the Singapore local gambling laws, as a responsible organization. To become a member in Vivabet2u, we require customers for age verification as we strictly prohibit underage betting. We encourage responsible gaming and do not want any of our customer have a bad experience. Our customer service operators are available 24 hours daily to solve a wide scope of issues that our customer might face.

Live Casino

How many of us have eagerly to have the best live casino game? The struggles. What games should I play? Which table I have better luck to win? Right or wrong decisions. Good thing you are here at Vivabet2u, we bring this amazing live casino feel to you.

Play Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Roulette and more other live casino games, browse yourself onto your preferred table, no questions, nothing needs to be worry about. Regardless of whether it is the American, European or our local Singapore casino flavour you are searching for is here. Our tables put you up front, with all the information you need is available. At the same time you are playing, our lovely, friendly live casino dealers from all around the world, will deal with your every needs.

Simply jump on to chat with them and let them know what you wish for. Being a Trusted Singapore Online Casino site, we can ensure you to sit back and enjoy, make the most of your gambling.

Slot Games

Every casino have slot games. As a gambler, you know this better. A Casino without slot machines is incomplete without the consistent buzz and fervor that slot games have. Of course, we have slot games and there is place to play the finest Online Casino Slots at Vivabet2u.

We don’t bring you common slot games. First you get the opportunity to customize your online betting with a wide array of famous animated characters, personalities or groups of your choice. As the game advances, you can spin those slots and enjoy the most out of it. What’s more is, with five lines spinning, your chances of getting a big win are significantly improved.

We definitely want our customers to maximize their time with us and claim our various bonuses to earn the most out of it, you can claim your rewards once you sign up and even in game too. When you join the Best Online Casino in Singapore bringing you casino slot games, you are guaranteed of a unique excitement.


So, you love sports betting right? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We have covered all the most popular sports betting information all around the world you need right here. Our sportsbook interface is designed to be both simple and easy to use, it is beginner friendly so that everyone will be sports betting like the pros.

As for the pros, we do not restrict limits on any bets on all our games, to provide the best sports betting for our customers. We have various available bonuses that is exceeding the industry standards, you can be guaranteed that your experience will the best of all.


At Vivabet2u we have confidence in building a great relationship. Any customer offering us the opportunity to serve them must be treated with the most they deserve. We have offer various of promotions and bonuses, for both our new or existing customers. Do visit our promotion page for more information so you can get more value and rewards, stay with us for more great offers in future.